About Company


About Us

Expert Team Crafting Cost-Effective Architectural and Engineering Solutions

Our company, ASR Engineers (Architectural Home Designers and Consulting Structural Engineers) has been providing Structural Engineering Design, Home Design, and Project Management Services on all types of buildings for Architects, Contractors, and Private Clients.

Following a huge demand for our Project Management services, we recently commenced management services to our design clients during the construction phase of the projects.

Each year, we take on a good number of construction projects of varying size and complexity. We are able to ensure that the construction of somewhat more complicated projects is carried out correctly and in accordance with our design intent.

Our projects are managed by our expert professional engineers and our subs are handpicked from an experienced group of contractors that we have developed relationships with over the years.

Our Mission

To offer developers, contractors and other building partners in Ontario unmatched engineering solutions and client service that ensures every project is a success.

Our Vision

To be the leading structural engineering firm in the province of Ontario, based on our ability to not only meet the needs of our partners, but exceed them.

Core Values

We believe that professionalism, reliability, clear communication, client satisfaction, and a genuine passion for engineering are what sets us apart from our competition.

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