Why Every Home Renovation Needs a Structural Engineer

Due to the high costs of construction and home renovation, some homeowners look for every possible way to reduce the expenses with their project. Sometimes they even go as far as circumventing the services of a structural engineer just to save some money.

While that may seem like a good idea at first, you’ll actually run the risk of having structural deficiencies in your house—which can lead to a disaster and heaps of money lost in trying to rectify the situation!

People may see it as an additional cost, but it’s actually quite crucial to consult a structural engineer before starting any renovation projects. These specialists play a seemingly small but definitely critical role in home renovations that many people are not aware of.

Read on to understand what these experts can do to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

What Is a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is a licensed professional trained to oversee design configurations that make up the stability and core structure of any man-made structure. They have a deep understanding of how structures react to external and internal forces like calamities, earthquakes, and even small vibrations.

What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

Engineering firms basically take charge of large commercial construction projects as they have multiple safety and structural concerns that need specialized attention. Every building and skyscraper that you see standing today was able to withstand decades of being assaulted by strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, and natural disasters—thanks to the services provided by a structural engineer!

For residential projects, structural engineers act more of an advisor to architects. They consult and present their calculations to make sure a house is well-designed and built to last. A structural engineers‘ main concern is always safety and stability, whether it’s about placing load-bearing walls or choosing a suitable material for construction work.

A structural engineer is mainly responsible for structural planning and execution. They are basically construction experts that perform calculations on the number of reinforcements that a building might require.

For home renovations, they also evaluate problems such as:

– Foundation Cracks

– Termite Damage

– Water Damage

– Unleveled Floors

– Sagging Ceilings

When Does One Need a Structural Engineer?

In any renovation work, it’s always best to consult with a structural engineer for good measure. However, it can still be considered on a case-to-case basis depending on the type of renovation work that is to be performed.

To better understand this need, here are some key situations that a property owner or buyer would need to consult the services of a structural engineer:

– Home Renovations: Any home improvement or remodelling work that involves the stability of the house requires a structural engineer. They can ensure that your home renovation complies with the current building codes and that it doesn’t violate any regulations.

– Building Additions or Layout Changes: If you plan to add new spaces in your home, like an additional bedroom or garage, a structural engineer will have to consider new loads from the addition. They can also confirm if the new additions have any effect on the existing foundations.

– Structural Inspection or Damage: If you’re a homeowner or are planning to buy a new house, it’s essential to have a structural engineer determine if there is any structural damage in the property. By referring to the local building code, they can conduct a thorough evaluation of any structural issues like cracking wools or sagging ceilings.


A renovation project without a structural engineer is bound to result in many costly problems. Only through proper planning and consultation with a structural engineer can any house become a safe and worthwhile place to live in.

For any home improvement and construction work, you need help from contractors and developers with the right expertise. ASR Engineers is composed of a team of building partners in Ontario that provides engineering solutions to residential and commercial construction projects. To ensure the success of your project, work with ASR Engineers today!

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